As a Coastal City, Providence must plan NOW for what climate change will bring.

The Providence Resilience Partnership brings together businesses, academic institutions, nonprofits, civic and community groups and residents across Providence to:

  • Inform the community about climate change threats
  • Lead conversations & planning to address severe weather, sea level rise and other climate change impacts
  • Build consensus & action around resilient, equitable, and environmentally sustainable long-term climate solutions for all our residents.

“Worsening Winds” Report: Northeast at Risk

The First Street Foundation recently unveiled their new wind model, a cutting-edge tool that provides detailed information on the likelihood and financial impacts of wind for all properties in the US. According to the 7th National Risk Assessment: Worsening Winds report, the Northeast region is expected to experience the greatest rise in tropical storm wind conditions or more severe weather events in the years ahead. This forecast is due to the projected movement of hurricanes further up the Atlantic coast, which is expected to result in a higher frequency of powerful storms impacting the region.  Throughout the Northeast, the average…
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RISD Museum “Take Care” curation | 2022-March 12, 2023

The Take Care art show is an exhibition curated by the RISD Museum staff members of the Climate Emergency Sustainability (CES) Task Force, that brings together artwork  from around the world, to explore how art can be used to raise awareness about climate change. This unique show features works from a variety of disciplines, including prints, paintings, photography, clothing, and objects of cultural heritage. Through this exhibition, artists are able to examine themes related to local and global sustainability, materials and repair, biodiversity, oceans and pollution, deforestation, Indigenous…
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