As a Coastal City, Providence must plan NOW for what climate change will bring.

The Providence Resilience Partnership brings together businesses, academic institutions, nonprofits, community groups & residents to:

  • Drive leading-edge climate resilience practice to help Providence prepare for climate threats
  • Catalyze strategic planning, prioritization & implementation to address severe weather, sea level rise & other climate change impacts
  • Build understanding & consensus for resilient, equitable & environmentally sustainable long-term climate solutions for all our residents

Want to Volunteer with PEMA?

The Providence Emergency Management Agency recruits and maintains a cadre of highly trained volunteers to assist with the PEMA mission. Volunteers are trained in: disaster preparedness and response, Medical Emergency Distribution System – Points of Dispensing (MEDS POD), Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES), shelter operations, disaster medical operations, search and rescue, Emergency Operations Center activation, chainsaw operations, and much more. Volunteers assist PEMA and other municipal departments with staff support and…
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Join PEMA for Virtual Hazard Mitigation Plan Meeting!

The City of Providence is updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan, and your help is needed to make our city more resilient! Since the last update in 2019, residents have faced significant challenges from natural hazards, including severe flooding and extreme heat. For instance, recent storms have caused major flooding in parts of the city, rendering roadways impassable and requiring extensive cleanup efforts​. Additionally, extreme heat waves have prompted the city to extend water park and pool hours and activate cooling centers to help residents cope with dangerously high temperatures​….
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Snap the Shore, Track the Change

$$ Available Federal Funding

USDA: USDA Forest Service Inflation Reduction Act Forest Landowner Support

EPA: (SNEP) Opportunity to Advance Resilience Fund

NSF: Confronting Hazards, Impacts and Risks for a Resilient Planet

NEH: Cultural and Community Resilience

EPA: Environmental & Climate Justice Community Change Grants

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