As a Coastal City, Providence must plan NOW for what climate change will bring.

The Providence Resilience Partnership brings together businesses, academic institutions, nonprofits, civic and community groups and residents across Providence to:

  • Inform the community about climate change threats
  • Lead conversations & planning to address severe weather, sea level rise and other climate change impacts
  • Build consensus & action around resilient, equitable, and environmentally sustainable long-term climate solutions for all our residents.
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Great bipartisan summary of the MAJOR climate legislation that finally passed the Senate over the weekend.

With the recent heatwaves, it’s important to stay updated on how to prepare for extreme heat and signs of heat overexposure. Stay informed and utilize PEMA’s information about extreme heat:

Climate adaptation: “Done right, adaptation efforts can soften the blow to billions of lives. Done wrong, they can lead to maladaptation, wasting time and money while leaving people just as vulnerable as before, or even more so”