2023 RIFMA Annual Meeting & Conference

On Thursday, May 25, 2023, the Rhode Island Flood Mitigation Association held its highly anticipated conference at the University of Rhode Island. The PRP team set up a table offering information specific to the Providence region and was able to connect and share thoughts with flood mitigation experts across the New England area.

Throughout the day, participants engaged in fruitful discussions and presentations that covered a wide range of topics related to floodplain management. The conference provided a platform for experts and stakeholders to share their insights and experiences, with the objective of advancing flood resilience at national, regional, and local levels.

The conference focused on key objectives, including discussing the current state of floodplain management and providing updates on recent events and initiatives in the field. Case studies of successful flood mitigation projects, offering practical knowledge to apply in their own communities. Financing flood resilience was explored, with attendees exploring various funding mechanisms. Efforts to exceed minimum floodplain management regulations were highlighted, emphasizing the importance of robust strategies. The conference also showcased innovative technology and tools for resilient community planning, and emphasized the significance of effective outreach and stakeholder engagement in enhancing flood resiliency.

Overall, the RIFMA 2023 Conference provided a comprehensive platform for professionals and stakeholders to address the challenges posed by flooding. By sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices, participants left the event equipped with valuable insights and tools to implement effective flood mitigation strategies in their communities.