2023 RIFMA Annual Meeting & Conference

The theme of this year’s Rhode Island Flood Mitigation Association (RIFMA) is hosting its Annual Meeting & Conference is “Flooding, Public Perception, and Disaster Reform,” which aims to explore how public opinion and policy change as flooding intensifies. Attendees can expect to learn about effective strategies and approaches for dealing with floods and natural disasters, as well as how to recover and rebuild in their aftermath. RIFMA is focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of all aspects of flood plain management in the state.

Time: Thursday, May 25 · 8am – 4:30pm EDT

Location: University of Rhode Island – Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences

120 Flagg Rd South Kingstown, RI 02881

The keynote speaker for the 2023 RIFMA Annual Meeting & Conference is Claire Jubb, AICP, CFM, a renowned expert in resiliency against natural disasters and post-disaster recovery. Claire will be sharing valuable insights and lessons learned from her experience in Florida.

Rhode Island Flood Mitigation Association (RIFMA) will bring together a diverse group of professionals and stakeholders who are interested in flood mitigation and disaster reform. Attendees will include Flood Hazard Practitioners & Decision Makers, Floodplain, Watershed, Stormwater, Hazard Mitigation, & Coastal Managers, Planners, Project Managers, and Engineers, Surveyors & Building Code Officials, Government Officials and many more.

This is a great opportunity to network with professionals and experts in the field, as well as learn about the latest developments and strategies in flood mitigation and disaster reform. Register today to secure your spot and gain valuable knowledge and insights from industry experts.