Driven by the immediate threat posed by climate change, PRP is working on:


To build a critical foundation for this resilience work, PRP has fully funded a study by the University of Rhode Island Coastal Resources Center and RI Sea Grant to review, organize and synthesize decades of data and studies to analyze the impacts and risks of climate change. 

Community Engagement

PRP is organizing meetings with an ever-growing network of businesses, organizations, and academic institutions from across the world to learn best practices for resilience. PRP is also planning a series of workshops with Providence stakeholders to convert insights from our synthesis report into a resilience plan for all Rhode Islanders.

Climate Ready Providence

Climate change is impacting different areas of the city in unique ways. There is significant momentum in neighbor scale and sector plans, but we must plan comprehensively, while aligning different communities and interest groups around an integrated city-wide resilience plan.


Our Team

Our Community Members