Climate Change & Health Symposium

The Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University is holding a symposium on Climate Change & Health with the theme: Collaborative Actions for Transformation. Learn from experts, professionals, and the public about the latest research on the link between climate change and health, policy implications, and showcasing researchers’ findings. The symposium aims to raise awareness and promote action in addressing the impact of climate change on health. 

Rhode Island is the first U.S. state to reach 2 degrees Celsius of warming, and the healthcare sector has been assessed as one of the top five largest emitters of greenhouse gases worldwide, when compared to carbon emissions of entire countries. The Rhode Island healthcare system and those who work within it have a unique and critical need to become more active in promoting sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and achieving goals for reduction of emissions.

May 4, 2024

Warren Alpert
Medical School of Brown University

222 Richmond St, Providence, RI