Climate Central: Helping Others Tell Clear & Engaging Climate Stories

“Our aim is to make accurate, effective climate communication ubiquitous.” These were the words of Karen Florini, Vice President for Strategic Impact for Climate Central, as she opened her live webinar for PRP’s Climate Ready Providence Speaker Series last month. Florini was there to introduce the audience to the wealth of resources that Climate Central has created to accomplish that goal.

Climate Central does the hard work of condensing information and data on climate change into information products that are:
– comprehensive yet clear
– detailed yet simple
– rich in both information and visual appeal.

A treasure trove of tools and products are available designed to help existing media experts and other storytellers deliver climate change information to their audiences in a way that is more accessible, understandable, and relevant.  

In some cases, Climate Central packages this data in interactive tools that allow users to adjust settings to see how various scenarios (e.g. coastal flooding) might play out.

Other Climate Central programs publish the information in thoughtfully designed charts and graphs.

And still others use vivid photographs designed to catch the eye of those who might not tune in as easily to the more traditional visuals.

Taken together, Climate Central’s information products allow audiences to understand a wide range of climate events and impacts. This includes the ability to assess flood risk in this era of sea level rise, to track the effects of climate change on temperature changes around the world, and to connect the dots between global systemic changes and the impacts we experience more intimately in our day-to-day lives. These more immediate effects include health impacts, health care costs, the savings associated with retrofitting homes, and the jobs that come along with renewable energy projects.

Climate Central’s extensive list of tools and information products are available for free on their website. Interested users can also opt in to various newsletters and alert systems to be notified when certain products of particular interest are released. Florini noted that news reporters and weather experts at local and regional news outlets make extensive use of Climate Centrals products to deliver richer stories to their audiences. 

We encourage you to watch the video of the full presentation. In keeping with Climate Central’s overall communication style, Karen Florini does a terrific job of introducing their many offerings. Slides from her talk are also available here.