5th Annual EBCNE Climate Change & Resiliency Summit

It seems like every day there is news of a new climate record and unprecedented events. There is no doubt New England’s climate is changing, but what does the science say about the future and how will that change with current decarbonization goals? What types of policy, regulatory, and/or funding changes are being made to increase resilience to climate changes, and what does that mean for the those in public sector, industry, or environmental businesses?

The fifth annual EBC New England Climate Change and Resiliency Summit brings together leaders at the national, regional, and state level to answer these questions. The Summit provides an opportunity to learn how New England’s climate is changing, how industry and the public sector are addressing the challenges, what opportunities are associated with adaptation and mitigation goals across geographies, and there has been success with increased funding sources. 

Hear from experts at NOAA, Region 1 Federal representatives, and leaders from the New England States. For those at the frontlines of adaptation and the transition to a carbon-free economy, the Summit is a forum to listen, learn, network, and ask questions related to rapidly developing policy and programs connected to climate change.

Time: September 26, 9:00 am -3:00 pm
Location: Hybrid, Foley Hoag in Boston. Learn more & register here.