We are working with city, state and philanthropic organizations to unlock significant federal funding to help Providence understand and prepare for climate change. Extreme precipitation and temperatures, sea level rise and more severe storms are just some of the threats we face. The PRP is leading a broad group of businesses, scientists, nonprofits and community leaders to collaborate with city and state officials to assess the climate risks we face, then build a plan to protect all our citizens.

Patterned on Boston’s ground-breaking climate resilience work, the PRP is driving work to:

  • Complete a comprehensive city-wide vulnerability assessment
  • Create a roadmap of strategies and key projects to help Providence weather the storms ahead

Tapping into leading edge-climate resilience thinking and broad community engagement, Climate Ready Providence will gather data to understand risks from extreme temperatures, sea level rise, stormwater flooding, extreme precipitation and storms. Together, we will identify and prioritize the most important investments to address these risks, then work to fund, design and implement these strategies and projects. Climate Ready Providence leverages lessons learned in other, more vulnerable coastal cities to accelerate the work here, so that we can move quickly to reduce climate change impacts on our communities, structures, and economy.

Just contact us and we will help connect you to our work. There are many ways to participate: work groups, community events, educational outreach and more. We are leading conversations and planning, and everyone can play a part. We need all our best thinking to help save our city!