Join PEMA for Virtual Hazard Mitigation Plan Meeting!

The City of Providence is updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan, and your help is needed to make our city more resilient! Since the last update in 2019, residents have faced significant challenges from natural hazards, including severe flooding and extreme heat. For instance, recent storms have caused major flooding in parts of the city, rendering roadways impassable and requiring extensive cleanup efforts​. Additionally, extreme heat waves have prompted the city to extend water park and pool hours and activate cooling centers to help residents cope with dangerously high temperatures​.

Is your commute impacted because of flooded streets? Does your family struggle with extreme heat during summer months? Are your storm drains working well enough to keep your streets clear?

These are all problems being addressed in the city’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and your input is needed at the meeting. Join online and share your experiences, learn about the city’s plans, and together brainstorm solutions.

Meeting Details
Date: May 23rd
Time: 6:00 pm
Zoom Link: Join the Meeting
Meeting ID: 828 6022 8283
Passcode: 284506

Why Your Participation Matters
This is the first in a series of public meetings PEMA will hold in this update process. Your input and ideas help the City develop effective strategies to deal with a range of hazards. And, completion of this update helps secure federal funding for projects that reduce the risk of injury and property damage from future natural hazards.

What the Plan Addresses
The Providence Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan addresses a broad spectrum of hazards, with a significant focus on climate-related risks. The plan outlines strategies to mitigate the impacts of severe weather events such as hurricanes, which bring high winds and heavy rainfall, posing a threat to life, property, and infrastructure. It also addresses the challenges of riverine and coastal flooding exacerbated by sea level rise, a critical concern for Providence due to its location at the head of Narragansett Bay. Winter-related hazards, including heavy snow, ice storms, and extreme cold, are also considered, given their potential to disrupt transportation, cause property damage, and pose risks to public safety. Additionally, the plan considers the implications of prolonged droughts and extreme heat, which can affect water supply, agriculture, and public health. By identifying these hazards, the plan aims to implement proactive measures that enhance the city’s resilience and protect its residents, economy, and natural resources from future climate-driven events.

Spread the Word
PEMA also has a Facebook event post that you can find here. Share it with anyone who wants to get involved and support this essential initiative for Providence!