PRP at Stormwater Innovation Expo (RECAP)

The RI Green Infrastructure Coalition recently held the 4th Annual Stormwater Innovation Expo, bringing together almost 150 experts and advocates at Roger Williams Park with the theme Stormwater Funding & Financing Opportunities. The RI Infrastructure Bank, which is a critical intermediary in accessing federal funding for stormwater infrastructure projects, presented a comprehensive overview of both the federal funding opportunities and how they are translated at the state level. Later, a panel discussion brought together representatives from the EPA’s Southern New England Program (SNEP), the Office of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, RIDOT Office of Stormwater Management and Rhode Island Audubon. 

This expo was a great opportunity for the Providence Resilience Partnership to build meaningful connections between leaders and action takers in the green infrastructure field and to share emerging climate resilience thinking. The PRP team had a table with key information –including an excerpt from Towards a Resilient Providence report, featuring Horsley Witten’s Stormwater Infrastructure section and resources from the recent EPA Green infrastructure Modeling Toolkit  

The afternoon sessions took place throughout Roger Williams Park and showcased model green infrastructure installations. Green infrastructure serves to filter and absorb stormwater runoff where it falls through the use of plants or soil systems, permeable surfaces, stormwater harvesting and reuse, or landscaping to reduce flows to sewer systems or to surface waters. Green infrastructure provides cleaner air and water as well as improvement to the Providence community with flood protection, diverse habitat, and beautiful green spaces. The on-field presentations displayed the effectiveness of drainage areas and sizing in green spaces, innovative structural changes to inlet structures and roadway grading, and diverse habitats and their respective ecosystems in green infrastructure.