In Providence, our people, economy, infrastructure, and buildings are at significant ̶
and increasing ̶ risk due to severe weather, extreme temperatures, sea level rise &
other climate impacts. The Providence Resilience Partnership (PRP) works
collaboratively with all city constituencies to help prepare for the accelerating impacts
of climate change. PRP partners with city, state, and federal agencies to catalyze
action and unlock federal funding to build Climate Ready Providence.

PRP is the one organization (501C3) connecting business, government, nonprofits, &
community organizations to seek federal dollars for comprehensive, citywide climate
resilience. This is the most effective approach to unlock federal dollars, rather than
siloed efforts serving singular interests.

PRP is driving two priorities over the next 18-24 months:

  1. Catalyzing completion of a comprehensive Citywide Climate Vulnerability Assessment

2. Catalyzing broad constituency engagement to build Citywide Roadmap for Climate Resilience

Estimated cost to complete this work $3-5M

➢ PRP brings leading climate resilience expertise, federal funding strategies, convening/connecting
capacity bringing together business, nonprofits & community organizations.
➢ Partnering with the City is critical to align priorities/actions, support broad & deep constituency
engagement, secure match dollars, in-kind support, grant-writing resources & other financial support.
➢ This approach can unlock significant federal funding, facilitate strategic infrastructure investment guided
by climate risk data & enable all city residents to work together to prepare for severe weather, extreme
temperatures, sea level rise & other accelerating climate impacts.