The Biden infrastructure plan (the American Jobs Plan) is an immediate opportunity to secure funding that will support achieving a thriving Providence.

As a result, the Providence Resilience Partnership (PRP) is developing a list of infrastructure priorities to provide to the local and federal government. Community engagement is a key component of this effort and, therefore, we are asking for your help.

The PRP will utilize its member scientists, engineers, planners, philanthropists, academics, and job creators to advocate for resiliency investments. PRP’s work doesn’t end with the priority list. PRP will grow public awareness of resiliency efforts, align governments and organizations to compete for federal resources, and advocate through a digital advertising campaign to boost action from the grassroots level.

PRP embraces a diverse and comprehensive vision for resilience building. It is characterized by ongoing adaptation work already underway across the country especially in Boston and on a smaller, neighborhood-scale in Providence.  Most importantly, the PRP vision recognizes that differences in social vulnerability and a commitment to sustainability are essential considerations for building a more resilient community.

The Biden infrastructure initiative and our federal delegation share this vision. Projects and actions may include predictive models and research, planning work, and engineering and infrastructure projects that will reduce vulnerability by addressing any one of these vulnerability factors:

Reducing Sensitivity:  Degree to which a system, population, or resource might be urgently affected by climate change hazards.

Reducing Exposure: Presence of people, assets, and ecosystems in places that could be adversely affected by climate change hazards.

Enhancing Adaptive Capacity: Ability of a person, community, asset, or system to adjust to a hazard, take advantage of new opportunities or cope with climate change hazards.

Enhancing Comprehensive Alignment: Projects should meet overall community goals and incorporate broad stakeholder support even if it is located in a specific geography.

To submit a project or action please click the button above. If you have further questions you can reply to this email. We look forward to working together to advocate for actions and projects that create a more resilient Providence.

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