Webinar:  The Power of a New Climate Language

Join the Security and Sustainability Forum and George Washington University’s Environmental and Energy Management Institute for an engaging and thought-provoking webinar featuring Herb Simmens, former Executive Director of the New Jersey State Planning Commission, to celebrate the launch of the second edition of his book, “A Climate Vocabulary of the Future.”   Blending the realms of hard science, sociology, research, and even poetry, this book offers a fresh perspective on the concept of ‘climate.’ Simmens’ work challenges conventional thinking and invites readers to explore new dimensions of imagination, courage, and action in the face of environmental challenges.   A prolific career in shaping the future of communities and societies, Simmens brings a wealth of climatological, environmental, technical, and political insights to the table.   A Climate Vocabulary of the Future also includes a 2035 Vision that cleverly weaves many of the entries into an exciting and hopeful narrative for how the world can truly restore a safe climate.

Time: August 25, 2023 — 12:15pm to 1:15pm
Location: Register for the webinar here.